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Rudraksha Mahima


Rudraksha Mahima

Fourteen Mukhi


A Quality Product from
Rudraksha Mahima [View Profile]
Pune - India

Description :
Deity : Shiva, Hanuman
Ruling Planet : Saturn.

This Rudraksha is very rare and is also known as 'Deva Mani'. It is believed that this Rudraksha is produced from the eyes of Rudra. It fulfills all desires of the wearer. It is mentioned in Puranas that this Rudraksha represents 'Fourteen Vidyas', 'Fourteen Manus', 'Fourteen Lokas' and 'Fourteen Indras'. Lord Shiva himself wears malas of Fourteen Mukhi Rudraksha. Wearer of this bead is bestowed with high quality of mental and physical health, wealth and respect. This Rudraksha protects its wearer from evil spirits. This bead is extremely useful for yogic sadhanas. It is also believed that it is useful to awaken ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Wearer of this Rudraksha attains salvation. This Rudraksha is recommended for politicians, administrators, industrialists, businessmen and for people from the professions of law and justice, academics, medical field especially for surgeons and computer engineers. This Rudraksha is equally powerful that of One Mukhi Rudraksha and is treated as its substitute. ::

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Rudraksha Mahima

High quality genuine Nepal and Indonesian Rudraksha beads and malas, Vamawarty and Dakshinawarty Shankh (Valampuri Shankh), Sphatik Sri Yantra and malas, Sphatik items, and genuine high quality gems.

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