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Pune Products Catalog (Computers And It)       

  • Web Design and Development

    Web Design and Development

    Web Design and Development - At Tripmedia, we acknowledge that our core strengths lie in designing ingenious interfaces for interactive website and web deployable applications. We rely on our rich understanding of the Internet to offer designs that are both aesthetic in appeal and superior in performance. We custom design backgrounds, buttons, navigation bars, graphics, animation and images that

  • CD-RX by HexaLock Ltd., Israel

    CD-RX by HexaLock Ltd., Israel

    A breakthrough technology "CD-RX" offers publishers and content owners a new level of digital copy protection. CD-RX is a new recordable disc format developed by HexaLock Ltd., Israel.

  • HASP - Hardware Against Software Piracy - By Aladdin

    HASP - Hardware Against Software Piracy - By Aladdin

    HASP - By Aladdin HASP HL is a USB Hardware Key or Dongle based software copy protection solution that enables software publishers to grow their revenues.

  • SecuROM - by  Sony DADC

    SecuROM - by Sony DADC

    SecuROM is a CD/DVD-ROM copy protection solution developed by Sony DADC, Austria. It was the fastest growing copy protection system in the last years. Since 1997, more than 200 million discs have been protected by SecuROM worldwide.

  • Shree-Lipi 7.3 (software contains various packages.)

    Shree-Lipi 7.3 (software contains various packages.)

    Shree-Lipi Soft and Shree-Lipi Pearl software are multilingual packages. There are language special packages, which give more stress on a particular script, while still supporting the other scripts.



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  • Software Protection (Sentry Hardware Lock)

    Software Protection (Sentry Hardware Lock)

    We at WYSE believe that software piracy is a serious issue for software developers today. It is estimated that software piracy costs billions of dollars annually which results in lost productivity and drains enormous resources that could be dedicated to research and development.

  • Fingerprint scanner ( BioSentry XS)

    Fingerprint scanner ( BioSentry XS)

    BioSentry XS is a USB based Fingerprint scanner, which can be attached to USB port of Personal Computer. WYSE has built a unique Time Attendance system using BioSentry XS USB fingerprint device. This system can be used in small offices having 10 to 50 employees. BioSentry XS is built using sagem CBM sensor, which accepts all kind of fingerprint (dry,wet,oily,etc).

  • Mobile Application Development

    Mobile Application Development

    Mobile platforms have revolutionized the way all aspects function today. There has been a paradigm shift seen the business and personal utility scenarios. Suvichar Tech is one the pioneers in the field of developing custom-made applications for these platforms. Our team can create an interactive application to complement the existing or new website, or as a stand-alone concept. From iPhone to iPad

  • Pune Products Catalog (Computers And It)

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    Computers And It

    Computers And It

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